Monday, February 8, 2016


On August 11, 2015, I took inspiration from a coworkers nails and I tried painting my very first nail art design.   As in, something besides painting them one solid color, or using guide strips to do a simple French Tip.  

Oh I had tried doing my own acrylic tips at home a couple years before, with a kit purchased from the store.   But I had never tried painting any kind of "design" prior to the above mentioned date.  

This was the design I did.  I had no tools, just the brushes that came in the bottles.   I gave it a shot and I got lots of "likes" from family and friends on facebook.   Coworkers too.  
Looking back on it now, I would say its a little bit armature compared to what I do now.   But one has to start somewhere, right?  

I then took on a few more designs, building up some skills and collecting a few tools.   At first, I tried making my own homemade dotting tools.  I used a bobby pin, bend into an L shape.   Sometimes I would use a tooth pick, for smaller dots.   I bought a set of black, silver and white polishes which came with striping brushes, and about a dozen other polish colors.    At that point, I turned out the following designs, and discovered that nail art was something I had a passion for!   At first, I was changing my designs every night, or every other night.   I was trying to gain experience, but also I was so excited to try lots of ideas.   As you can see, the types of designs I was willing to attempt gradually got more and more complex:

At that point, the holidays were creeping up, so I started looking up holiday designs on google, pinterest and YouTube.   Holiday themes were the most exciting and fun for me, which I will share in other posts.   I will also be talking about some of my failures and interesting discoveries.  

For now I just want to get an introduction going, so I can have fun blogging about one of my favorite subjects!   Thank you for checking out my nail blog, I hope you will scroll through my other posts and join my on my journey into the nail art world.  :) 

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