Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christmas Nail Art

There were so many beautiful, fun and cute Christmas designs to try, it was difficult to decide!  But after a lot of web browsing, these are the ones I chose: 

Design 1:   Candy Cane Stripes

For this design, I Painted a base color of white, then used painter's tape cut in wide and this strips.  I placed them in candy cane-like patterns across my nails, pressing them down firmly.  Then painted red polish over the top and peel the tape away to reveal the stripes.  

Now...   The KIND of polish you use for this matters.   The first time I tried this, I used a rather thin red by China Glaze, and for some reason, no matter how hard I pressed to secure the tape, the red would bleed under the tape, smudging all the lines...    I had to go back and fix the lines with a white striper.   So I would strongly recommend using a thick, opaque red for this.   And an equally thick and opaque white. Thin polishes just tend to bleed together too easily. Allow the white to dry completely, before applying the tape, or the red polish.     

Design 2:  Grinch Nails

This one was really quite fun!  But...   I had to combine 2 different designs together.   I liked the Christmas lights from one Grinch design, but the face from another.   I studied how the Grinch face was painted, and even practiced a few times on paper first, before attempting it on my nails.   When painting with my non-dominant hand, I had to go super slow, and mostly move my dominant hand, instead of my non-dominant one.    But they both came out great.   The designs were painted over a base coat of nude polish, with white French tips.  

Design 3:  Wrapped Presents

This one was actually fairly simple, yet elegant.   Just a base color of alternating red and green, and I used a small, thin brush to paint a gold criss-cross, then gold bows.  people LOVED this one!

Design 4:  Christmas Skittle

Oh you know me by now, I love a good holiday skittle design!   I wore this design for about 2 weeks during the month of December (the others I wore maybe 5 days?).   These were actually a combination of about 8 different designs I found on YouTube and google.  I simple chose one favorite for each nail.   Something to represent every part of Christmas.  

So on the right hand you have:  Rudolph, ginger bread man, holly with a gold background, snowman body, and I kept one of my wrapped present nails on the pinky, from the last design.

Then on the right hand, you have:  Santa's suit, Christmas tree, Elf outfit, candy cane and a snowflake.   These were such a big hit!   So much fun to show off.  

Design 5:  Christmas Poinsettias

I have always absolutely LOVED poinsettias, they are my favorite Christmas decoration.   I borrowed this idea from Robin Moses on YouTube.   Again, mine is nowhere near as clean and elegant as hers, but they really caught attention.  Most people loved them.   I followed Robin in using a shimer/pearly white for the background (it was softer and more elegant than a plain white), and both dark and regular red for the petals of the flowers.   Then gold glitter for the yellow center.   The thumbs and pinkies are a red base color, with golden ribbons winding through.   

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