Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Black And White Polka Dots

This was a cute and simple design I saw on YouTube, using a nude polish, white, black and silver.   Only a dotting tool was needed.   So easy and quite elegant! 

Start off with a base color of nude polish.  Or you can simply keep your natural nail color.  

Paint the right corner of your nail white.

Paint the left corner of your nail black, overlapping part of the white in the center.  

Use a dotting tool dipped in black polish to make 4 or 5 black dots above the white section of the nail.   Then do the same with silver polish, but this time go over the black section of the nail.   If the sivler dots cover one o the black dots, that is fine.  

Finish with a fast-drying clear top coat, and you're done!  

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