Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cinderella 2015 Nails

This design was inspired by the 2015 movie Cinderella movie.   I absolutely ADORE the crisply faceted look of the glass slipper int heat movie, and I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if I cloud paint that slipper with a dark background (the way it is depicted in a lot of the photos online) on one accent nail, and make the other nails like a see-through glass with a sheer, bluish tint?   So I searched YouTube for ideas, and I found a design by NailedItNZ. 

She did an excellent nail design of the 2015 glass slipper.   I was soooo jealous of how cool it looked and wanted to re-create that.   So I studied her video.   Then watched another video of a sketch artist actually drawing this same exact shoe, to get an idea on lines, angles, facet cuts and colors....   I drew a tiny version of this shoe, freehand, on some paper.  Then put it behind a plastic document protector and went to work painting over the design on the plastic.   I basically made a "decal" using clear top coat as the backing, then painted the slipper over that.   I used a TINY detail brush to paint the outline of the slipper and the facet cuts.   Then I used a tiny dotting tool color in the tiny sections with dark and light blue, to give it that  sparkling "faceted" illusion.  

For the nails, I used clear acrylic tips, for that "see-through glass" effect.  I didn't have a sheer, light blue.   To I mixed clear polish with blue, and made my own.   Painted that over the other nails.  Then taking inspiration from a Robin Moses Cinderella nail art design, I painted magic swirls and twinkles with a detail brush on the other nails, using white and silver polish.  

Looking back now, I wish I had made the other nails an even lighter sheer blue, and maybe covered less of them with the magic swirls, so the glass effect would have been more noticeable.   But I think they still turned out quite nice. :) 

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