Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How To Grow Long, Strong, Healthy Nails Naturally

Well folks, I wanted to do a blog page about growing out your own natural nails.  I have done it myself, and I actually did document my own nail growth journey with photos, which I’m going to share with you here.    But first, I would like to share with you what originally inspired me to start growing my own nails out.  Which is probably similar to the reasons most people decide to do it... 
I started getting into nail art halfway through 2015.  But in the beginning, I had ZERO knowledge about caring for my nails, or protecting them.   I knew nothing of base coats, top coats, or proper moisture for nails.  
So of course, the crazy things I was doing with my nails had them constantly breaking, especially at work.   So I resorted to using fake nails (glue-ons and acrylics) in order to have a decent canvas to paint on.  
Between the repeated fake glue-on nails, acrylics and tons of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas designs I went crazy doing—oh, and the peroxide/baking soda treatments I did to get rid of the polish stains-- I completely ruined my natural nails.   They were obsessively buffed thin, weak and brittle as Pringles potato crisps!  
I was so upset by all this.   My natural nails just did not seem to want to stay long enough for me to do nail art!  But of course, the way I was abusing and neglecting them didn't help...   Still, even when I was "nice" to them, they still broke every time I tried to grow them.

 I started to think I was doomed to using artificial nails permanently, if I wanted to continue on with nail art.  
But then I started doing lots of research online, taking tons of tips from all the YouTube users and bloggers who were doing nail art on their own natural nails—and maintaining their beautiful length.  

I envied them, and decided to learn as much as I possibly could.
My video below contains everything I have learned about growing long, strong and healthy natural nails.   I began growing my own nails out in January, 2016.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that all I had to do was learn to care for them properly, and I could have my own long nails on which to do art, without having to deal with the grueling, damaging prep work of the falsies:

The proof is in the pudding, these methods DO work.   Here are my “growth progress” photos, dates included:

This was Day 1, January 15th, 2016-- right after I removed some fake nails.   Yes, my nails had grown out quite a bit under those falsies.  But in order to make those falsies bond to my nail, I had to buff the surface (which I had done many times before several applications).  Then peeeling it all off really tore them up.  Just look at that peeling and chipping.

This was after I trimmed off all the chipped and torn stuff.    I had also gone to the store and purchased "Skin, Hair & Nails" vitamins with lots of Biotin, some Keratin supplements, as well as a brush-on nail treatment for damaged nails and some cuticle oil.   I applied the cuticle oil to clean up the look, and began incorporating all the other items into my daily routine.   

That night, I also did a cute "pink plaid and and hearts" design, to cover up the fact that my nails were so darn short!  But of course, while practicing my new routine of applying my treatment, base coat and top coat. I figured I would wear a cute design while I waited for them to grow a bit.   I'm always wearing nail art now, but protect and nourish my nails and I remove the nail art to take growth pictures.  

 By the end of the week, January 22nd, you could see some natural nail beginning to grow out.  

This was February 2nd, looking better.  

February 9th, I could actually tap them at this point.  

February 14th, Valentines Day!  

February 23rd, with a little gloss from my base coat.

March 8th, getting closer to where I want them!

March 18th-- I have reached my goal!  This is about as long as I prefer my nails to be.  Long enough to do some good art, but not so long that I can't perform basic functions in daily life or at work.   

So everyone, this concludes my post on how to grow out your own nails.   I hope it has shown you that it certainly IS possible.  Hey, if I can do it with my paper-thin, brittle nails, then anyone can!   Unless you adore working with acrylics and sculpted gels-- toss those falsies and grow your REAL nail out.   

Love and care to you all,

Melissa Valentine

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